Media Planing


Impact Outdoors also handles print media marketing as well as any advertising in any other publication.


online presence

Adverts in websites, mobile sites and such other newer ways of catching the customer’s eye is another offering by Impact.


site entrance path way

Powerful media for marketers in trade exhibitions, vertical columns, side walks, banners etc


mobile adds

One of the easiest ways to connect to your TG is by having an ad on bus shelters, public transports, BEST ads inside the bus where you have captive audience etc.

our strategy

"get bold & get visible"

Attract your audience with your message: The Right way, Right Moment.

Deliver a definite impact on your consumer through a medium that cannot be missed. A billboard promises more recall than any other form of advertising. Thus the value for an advertiser is phenomenal. Go the billboard which goes all the way.....

get bold

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Grab the eyeballs,
Make an Impact,
Take the
bold & visible

get visible

For Limitless influence, Visible Impact…

A rock solid punch for your advert is what an marketer to get the biggest 'bang for your buck'


Roster of our notable clients and growing...

Supporters of the "Big Bang Theory" here is an impressive list of our august clientele...